Tiffany Fontenot 1-7-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis of WORLD’S-WORST-CRISIS-ACTORS” (or, “Sometimes you have to ‘Throw it in Reverse’ to get the truth!”)

Woot! Thanks to Corey Goode and others who sent my Analysis in to KP, and to KP for putting it in his blog! 😀

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tiffany_fontenot_headshot_1You know, I’ve been getting an occasional message or two (e.g., from Corey Goode and couple others) about this “Reverse Speech Analysis” of various people’s speech. And I must say, it is fascinating! Tiffany’s audioBoom homepage has a number of analyses which she and her team have done. I’m posting this one here as sort of an introduction.

This has a video which demonstrates the effects, and I found this most unveiling about these two (extremely not-so-effective) crisis actors (hey… we can still hold them in the Light!). Wow! The included video containing the analysis is amazing.

And then there’s this one she references, which I suggest watching the whole thing (hey, it’s only a minute!) through the BeeGees “Tragedy” music. Hilarious!!

[from Istanbul tragedy actor, Raak] [Forward speech] “Awesome tragedies. This is um very unfortunate.

[Reverse speech]: Man this rope, Mayor. Musses it. Leaves his Auschwitz out.

– This…

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